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The Rare Time When American Diet Is Commended

Posted on 13 December 2012 by Health Nuts

American DietWhile there are some disturbing reports that Americans fail in their diet programs, here is one study that will counter it – American’s level of vitamins, nutrients basically OK. For sure, this new study that commends the diet of Americans might confuse others; especially those who have already prejudged U.S.A as the land of obese people. While this post has no purpose to downgrade the effort of the American government to combat obesity, it just cannot be denied that until now, this powerful country still leads the list of the nations that are severely affected by obesity. If you need more proofs, just take a look at the ordinary people walking in the streets in every city of USA.

So how come a report has the guts to tell that Americans are getting the right amount of the essential vitamins and minerals, and yet, most of them are obese or overweight? In case you are one of the individuals who disregard Americans when it comes to taking care of their diet and health, this post will give you some reasons toAmerican Diet 1 consider of changing your perspective towards them.

According to the study that has concluded that Americans are doing OK in getting the required vitamins and  minerals, not all people who live in U.S.A does not care about his health. while the numbers of obese or overweight people in America is overwhelming and is predicted to balloon in the next years, it is nice to know that there are still some individuals who are serious in changing the people’s perception in Americans.

The mentioned people are those who are doing their best to set a good example to their fellow Americans by following the right diet and exercising regularly. Although they are aware that achieving their goal is not easy to do, they know that it will somehow produce positive results in the end.

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