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The Intriguing Connection Of Stress To Your Weight

Posted on 07 November 2012 by Health Nuts

Stress To Your WeightDo you know the answer on the question of why burnout is causing you to pack on the pounds? If you often found yourself burnout after your whole day work, then definitely, you will be interested in knowing the answer to the above question. When gaining weight is the last thing in your mind, then it is crucial to find out the connection of your burnout situation in packing your pounds or gaining weight.

Here is the essential information that will help you to understand the subject of this post:

Most people are vulnerable in suffering from stress and depression due to their lifestyle poor choices. Things like partying late at night and chatting with your friends in the Internet for the entire day are some of the activities that occupy the time of most people these days. In case you are doing these things for regular basis, it is without a doubt that you are not living a healthy life, which makes you very prone in reaching the burnout stage.

Stress To Your Weight1Whenever you are burnout or the level of your stress is too much to handle, the amount of the cortisol being produced by your body increases. Situation such as meeting your superior due to your failure to meet the deadline of your work is a perfect example of a stressing moment that boosts the cortisol production of your body.

What will happen in the case of a cortisol increase?

This will make affect your moods, produce eating disorder problems, anxiety, and stress disorder which will force you to resort in overeating. The feeling of sluggish or weak will really compel you to eat more, thus making you lose of track in your weight. What even makes this situation worse is that you also do not have the urge to exercise, which makes your body to stored more fats than the ones it burn every day. Now that you know these things, you should avoid stressful things in order to prevent suffering from the burnout stage.

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