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Obese Women Confession: Down Side Of Up-Sized Body

Posted on 01 February 2013 by Health Nuts

Obese WomenWomen say weight negatively impacts their lives. It is undeniable that weight has been part of the basic measurement tool of people that we see around us. There are a lot of instances that people are judged just based on the body size that they have, this usually happened to women. Well, that is how the world works now! Allow me to site some of the scenario that usually affects the life of women who have extra-sized body.

First is in professional life. It is undeniable that physical appearance is taken into consideration when you are looking for a job. Women that are fat say that their body size contributes a lot in giving burden for them to be hired. A lot of employers are thinking that their body size will hinder them on accomplishing the task assigned on them. Another thing is that, the body weight that they have becomes a presumptive assumption that they are not healthy.

Obese Women1Second is in social life. Obese women have been the subject of bullying for long period of time. A lot of other people are just making fun of them because they are not physically fit. Also, they are discriminated when it comes to social gatherings and other events.  This sole physical aspect of them has been the basis of their personality.

Third is family life. Based on some studies, women with extra-sized body will have a hard time in having a new baby. This is due to the hormonal imbalance cause by their body condition. This may sound rude but being fat can hinder women in having the kind of family life that they wanted to have.

It must be noted that being fat is not a mortal sin, but doing the best that you can in shedding your excess fats will help you deal with things lighter and better. There are still chances; it is not yet too late for you.  Prove to everyone that you can!

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