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Glycemic Index: Is It Helpful Or Harmful?

Posted on 25 June 2013 by Health Nuts

GlycemicIt is undeniable that there have been a lot of weight loss fads that had arisen these past few years. A lot of us, especially those people who wanted to lose weight, believed in these fads but, unfortunately, most of them were not able to provide what they have promised. Here comes Glycemic Index, another dieting plan that promises to give you the kind of body that you are dreaming to have. Is it a truth or just another fake program?

What is Glycemic index? This is a form of dieting plan, which does not only focus on determining the calorie intake that the dieter must have each day. This index mainly focuses on identifying the carbohydrate intake and limiting them. According to this plan, carbohydrates that heighten the blood sugar level must be avoided because this is the one that provides excessive fats.

What are the effects of the high blood sugar level? According to some individuals who have been dealing with high levels Glycemic1of blood sugar, they feel the sudden spikes and dips. Spikes are when they feel the urge of a high level of energy once they have eaten foods that can cause the increase in the blood sugar level. Afterwards, they will feel the too much lessening of their energy which will make them feel unusually tired.

But even though a lot of people are testifying that this kind of index is particularly effective to avoid the spikes and dips, still a lot of people are seeing this as a fad that will just go out of trend sooner or later.

May the index be true or untrue; the essential thing is that we must take care of ourselves to avoid any unwanted illnesses. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have chosen the right kind of foods and you have done the proper exercises.

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