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Discovering The Link Between Your Weight And Your Family Genes

Posted on 18 March 2013 by Health Nuts

Weight And Your Family GenesHow do genetics affect my weight? If your parents are overweight, does it mean that you too will suffer from the same situation? Has the gene running in your family got something to do with your weight loss battle? Are you starting to think that no matter how determined and motivated you are in shedding your excess weights off, these will not be enough if most of your family members are fat?

The questions that you have read are also the same things that bother most people today. Various genetic studies have shown that somewhere between our BMI, 40-80% of it is not accurate and can be changed by the genes running in our body. To put it simpler, your weight is predicted by the genetics of your family. If you have sister, uncle, or grandfather that is overweight, then you should no longer be surprised if you, too, are heading the same direction.

Some genes can affect the amount of the calories that are burned by your body. Genes can affect the way your metabolism works, which is essential for every effective Weight And Your Family Genes1weight loss program. A fast metabolism will mean that you will not get fat even if you eat more foods than usual while a slow metabolism will yield the opposite result.

Almost everything that happens to our bodies is basically controlled by our genes, but it must be noted that this claim is not accurate. If 40-80% of your weight is due to your genes, then the remaining 20-60% comes from other factors. One of these factors is your attitude or your behavior.

While it is true that the genes we have inherited from our parents influence us in the decision we make, it must be noted that we also inherited some behaviors from our parents, which also play an important role in our decision making.

So, does the genetics affect your weight? While the answer to this question is yes, we will still remind you that there are also other factors that deserve your attention.

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