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Coming In Terms With Junk Food Rules Will Benefit Your Health

Posted on 27 January 2013 by Health Nuts

Junk FoodIn case you cannot resist eating junk foods, despite your awareness of the negative implications of these items, this post will share something that will definitely help you. Have you heard about the Jillian Michael’s 5 junk food rules? If this is the first time that you hear these rules about this type of food, then this post will suggest you give your full attention on it so your junk food addiction will be remedied.

The 5 rules of junk foods according to Jillian Michael:

  • Once you confirmed that something is a non-food, you should not attempt eating this food. Even if the appearance of these non foods is deceiving and very tempting, there is no justifiable reason for you to consume these items.
  • Food items that have the capability to last long in their shelf are like double bladed knives. While this is good as these foods are preserved well, but on the other hand, the reason why they are able to thrive that long could be harmful for your health. Why? This is because of too much chemicals and additives that these foods contain—allowing them to last long in their shelves.
  • Junk Food1Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats. In case you are not aware on the unpleasant effects of this type of fats, the Internet is just waiting for you to ask its help, and you can expect to see the answers that you are looking for.
  • Stays away from foods that are abundant in sugar, since this will not only make you fat, but will also expose you to several serious illnesses such as diabetes.
  • Avoid foods that have the word ‘enriched’ on its label. Why? The reason is the same with the foods that last long in their shelves – contain chemicals that are too risky for your health.

Although you do not know personally the author of these tips, following and implementing them will definitely bring positive results for your life.

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