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Chris Christie: The Person Who Can Live Without Coffee And Some Vegetables, Still

Posted on 15 October 2013 by Health Nuts

Chris Christie with coffeeEverybody loves coffee – at least that’s what I though. Because for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, caffeine can vanish in this world and he won’t mind it, even a bit. He would usually start his day with milk. But if you think this is because he just wants to be healthy, well, you’re wrong, because this man is not so much of a vegetable eater as well.

“I’ve never needed caffeine. Not a coffee or Diet Coke guy, even in law school,” was Christie’s words in an interview with People Magazine in an issue coming out Friday. Now, if you’ll see him carrying a mug in the morning, for sure it’s not coffee but milk that’s in it.

After undergoing weight loss surgery February this year, Christie told People that since then having breakfast is never a Chris Christie with coffee1requirement for him anymore. It’s definitely change the way he eats right now, “But that hasn’t all of a sudden made me a huge vegetable fan,” Christie added.
The surgery has helped him on his weight issues but it sure didn’t make a health buff out of him. True enough, because according to a source, the governor would only eat cucumber, green peas and lettuce and nothing else.

After the news broke out about his lap-band surgery, Christie never really intended to answer all of the media’s questions about it, for fear of being accused of “proselytizing.” But when asked why he’s talking about it know, he replied by saying, “…because I don’t want people to feel self-conscious about whatever challenges they have.”

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