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Can Emotions Affect Our Eating Habits?

Posted on 07 November 2012 by Health Nuts

Eating HabitsWhy are you overeating? One of the main reasons why people tend to eat more than enough is the emotional dilemmas that they are undergoing. A lot of people see food as an outlet for the emotions that are left unexpressed. It is very important that you assess yourself if you are really hungry or not before you eat whenever you are stressed out because there is a big possibility that the hunger that you feel is just a state of mind.

What can you do to save yourself from overeating? Just like what has been said earlier, overeating is the result of the emotional condition that we are currently dealing with. Expressing what you feel can be a very helpful tool to avoid yourself from using foods as your comfort zone. But if you cannot express yourself, here are some of the other things that you can give a try.

  • Eating Habits1Eat only when you are hungry. There is a very big difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Assessing the level of your hunger before eating can be very helpful for you.
  • Eat in view of others. Avoid such things as “secret eating.” This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people get fat. They do not want to get caught eating guilty foods. Why not stop eating it instead of hiding from others?
  • Eat in a calm environment. Concentrating while eating can be very helpful to avoid overeating. Through appropriate ambiance, you can be able to enjoy what you are eating.
  • Eat until you are satisfied. Feel every food that you eat. Do not eat in a hurry because the mind takes time before it can process that your stomach is already full.

Overeating, most of the time, is directly related with the way you feel. Do not make food as your outlet. Think before your eat, always.

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